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Drainfield T and J Panel System

Pallet of T and J Panels

A T and J Panel System is a type of septic treatment system that is installed in place of the standard drain field in a septic system. T and J Panels look like 6 cement blocks that have been epoxied together. Each panel measures 8"x16"x46" and weigh about 155 pounds.

A T and J Panel System works by taking effluent from the septic tank and passing it through the porous walls of the panels. The effluent then enters a layer of natural sand that is installed with the panels and finally passes into the surrounding soil. Because of the porosity of the panels and natural sand, tiny aerobic bacteria are allowed to process the effluent very efficiently.

T and J Panel Systems are a what's called a 50% reduction system. This means that if it would normally take a 100 foot long drain field, a T and J Panel System would only require 50 feet. When there is difficult topography to deal with on job site, usually the solution is T and J Panels because the reduce the space required for a system, they are very flexible in how they are installed, and they require less soil disturbance than most other systems. A panel system is also great to increase the amount of space you have available for future septic system expansion or repairs.

Complete instructions on how to install a T and J Panel System can be found here, but the general install procedure goes like this: First, contact your local health department to get the proper permits and a site evaluation. After you know how much system you require, let us know and our helpful and knowledgeable staff will help you figure out what materials you need. Next, dig a level trench matching the length of the system you need 24 inches wide and deep enough so there is approximately 4-6 inches of backfill over each panel. Place 2x6 boards on the bottom of the trench to lay each panel on making sure the board is level from one end to the other. Place the panels in the trench joining them with PVC pipe, using tar rope to seal the pipe to each panel. Line the inlet to each panel with 1 inch of medium blasting sand. Finally seal the lid on each panel with tar rope and backfill with natural sand.

T and J Panel Systems are a great solution to difficult septic system needs because of their efficiency and ease of install. Contact us for further information or pricing, we'll be glad to help!

-Recommended Rental Items: Mini Excavator (Trackhoe), Laser Level or Builders Level

-Check out the documents below for more information

-For more info, or to place an order please call 828-743-7295.